Two Year Olds Program

Celebrating the Terrific Twos!

with The Learning Tree’s Two Year Olds Program

Two Year Old Program in Lake Zurich
Eating with a buddy is always fun at
The Learning Tree!

The age of two to three is an exciting time of learning, exploration, and discovery for your child. Because children of this age require more supervision and guided activity,?The Learning Tree?has created a separate two year old program! This increases the safety of the children and helps them to learn more effectively.

At the age of two your child begins to learn a host of new skills and lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Many guided activities and games are presented to the children as a group so that they can learn social skills, and expand their knowledge. This includes art projects, story time, and make believe play.

We also allow lots of free time for your preschool child so that they can explore and discover on their own. They are given their choice of age appropriate toys. They are also given time for creative expression.

A schedule is flexible with this age group. Play time will occur, as well as a scheduled learning time, meal and snack times. During learning time, your child will learn basic concepts and self help skills. They’ll learn through art, stories, and songs. Potty training is also started for those children who are ready.

Preschool Preparation is Crucial!

Two Year Old Program in Island Lake
Building and learning!

At?The Learning Tree, we also strive to ?ensure your child meets all motor development milestones for their age. We work with children in groups and individually through a variety of activities to achieve these goals.

You’ll receive a daily report of their progress and behavior throughout the day. Milestones will be recorded as well and given to you so that you can track their progress and share this information with their doctor to ensure they are developing normally.

If we notice any signs of your child not meeting milestones when they should we will bring up these concerns with you. We believe in supporting parents fully and keeping them completely informed about their child.