Trivia Fun!

A normal sized piece of paper cannot be folded in half more than seven times.

Cats squeeze their eyes shut whenever they are pleased or happy, while the elephant is the only animal in the whole world that actually has four knees.

Around 500,000 detectable earthquakes happen in the world every year, with 100,000 being felt and around 100 causing damage.

Human beings forget as much as 90% of everything that we dream about.

After the spread of color television there was a decrease in the percentage of people that dreamed in black and white.

Some Chinese people believe that headaches can be cured by swinging the arms.

Coffee drinkers not only get to have more sex than people who do not drink coffee, but they also enjoy it a lot more.

1500 eggs are laid by a queen bee every single day.
It has been proven that laughter can help people to lose weight, while memory can be boosted by drinking blueberry juice. Just 35% of our brain is used when we think.

The only muscle in the whole body that is only attached from one end is the tongue.

All Presidents of the United States have had siblings.
When people kiss, two thirds of them will always tip their heads to the right.