Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten Readiness Program Prepares Your Child!

Kindergarten Program in Island Lake
Thumbs up for Kindergarten at The Learning Tree!!

Preschool is just the foundations of being ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is also important for your child. In this program,?The Learning Tree?prepares your child to enter the world of school.?We give them a jump start on learning, and ensure they are successful when they enter this earliest of grades.

Our kindergarten readiness program will focus on four core subjects, much in the same way as kindergarten itself. Your child will learn a variety of information and skills that will set them up for success.

They receive a head start on kindergarten learning. To accomplish this, we utilize curriculum from Phonics,?the Letter People,?HILS, and the?Happily Ever After Program.

Cognitive skills are the first to be focused on in this program. We work on:

  • letter recognition
  • vocabulary development
  • visual and auditory discrimination
  • memory development
  • comprehension
  • creative expression
  • listening to and following directions
  • oral language experience
  • introduction to literature
  • classification and sequencing skills

We also introduce children to reading and journal writing.

Teachers at The Learning Tree work with your child on beginning math. This includes:

  • number recognition
  • using manipulatives to understand numbers and counting
  • measuring, charting and graphing
  • simple addition

Your child will also learn about calendars, including days of the week and months of the year. All of this is accomplished through work jobs and math games.

Science concepts are also?introduced. Nature and the animal kingdom will be covered, particularly bugs and wolves. Topics covered will also include space, weather, environmental awareness, and horticulture. We will also cover nutrition and fitness topics.?Social studies topics are covered as well.

Kindergarten Readiness Encourages Your Child’s Imagination!

Kindergarten Program in Lake Zurich
We learn so more than the basics at The Learning Tree!

Various learning centers are set up for free choice and to develop independent thinking.?Your child will learn about how different holidays are celebrated around the world. They will understand the differences and similarities of multiple cultures.

For each core subject, multiple long term projects are undertaken to encourage creativity, knowledge of the topic, and understanding of the topic. Children work in groups and individually, and individual attention is provided where necessary.

By the end of our kindergarten readiness program at?The Learning Tree, your child will be ready to begin an exciting educational experience. If your child has not gone through a preschool program, kindergarten readiness is an especially?important step to school success.

Even if your child has been through preschool, our?Kindergarten Readiness program will help them get a head start on the things they will learn in that grade, and prepare them more fully for the experience.