How to survive the holidays!

Make this your best holiday ever–
by keeping it simple and fun for everyone!

Four gifts that are wonderful, easy–and free:

1. Listening to a friend or your child with no daydreaming or interrupting
2. Laughter makes you feel better-check out the comics, cartoons or funny stories
3. Give a sincere compliment such as “That was a great recipe you made” makes someone feel great
4. Solitude helps revitalize us to be ready for the next project-so enjoying a warm bath, reading a book, praying, meditating, or practicing yoga– anything that helps to relax us and recharge–is necessary for good mental health!

To help curb stress do these things:

  • Ask everyone what they would like to do and what their lists contain
  • You have the right to have mixed emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, guilty, afraid, thankful;
  • Ask for help when you need it from spouse or friend or your child or church or community groups
  • Limit lists to a specific number of things decided by your family
  • Be organized by making lists of what to do on paper or cell phone
  • Get enough sleep to feel your best!
  • Simplify family traditions–for example, make graham cracker gingerbread houses with milk cartons instead of from scratch
  • Enjoy your traditions by limiting what you are doing
  • Do something special for someone you don