Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Brain injury is a common problem with young children, but a problem that can be avoided with a few preventative…

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Through The Dog Days Of Summer

Summer is the time of year for running around, playing outdoors, and staying active in the beautiful weather. However, all…

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How to Find the Right Bike for Your Child

With bicycling listed as the second most popular outdoor activity in the US, it only makes sense that sometime in…

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Making It Easy To Live Healthy

Healthy living should not be a choice so much as a way of life but many people find following a…

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Make Good Communication a Priority

Make good communication the basis of your family life! Communication is the foundation of a healthy family. Without it, mothers,…

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Find the right balance in your hectic life

The typical family today puts in a lot more hours a year at work than ever before

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Lake Zurich new video!

Check out this video about Lake Zurich center! [youtube][/youtube]

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Island Lake new video!

It’s very important to know that your child is safe and secure inside a daycare center. Check out our new…

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Play these games to spur your child

Children start out full of creativity and imagination, and parents can help nurture it as they develop and grow. Play…

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Turn off the TV

Listening to music may make your children smart, according to many child development experts. Dubbed

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