Building Literacy In Infants And Pre-School Children

Research shows that developing literacy can start as early as birth for a child, and it is the time spent…

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Keeping Kids Entertained During the Summer Months

Every parent at least once in their lives has heard those two dreaded words every child mutters: “I’m Bored!” Even…

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Remembering Summer Vacations

Summer vacation is always a fun time for you and your family. Why not hold onto those memories a little…

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Like, share & sign up to win!!

Like us and share on Facebook, & sign up on The Learning Tree’s?Youtube channel by Aug 20, 2015 to receive…

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Teaching Children Good Manners

It’s no secret that raising children today is a tough job. With all of the influences they have in their…

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Through The Dog Days Of Summer

Summer is the time of year for running around, playing outdoors, and staying active in the beautiful weather. However, all…

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Getting Your Kids Interested in Astronomy

Stargazing is a wonderful way to spend time with your children

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Lake Zurich new video!

Check out this video about Lake Zurich center! [youtube][/youtube]

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Island Lake new video!

It’s very important to know that your child is safe and secure inside a daycare center. Check out our new…

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How To Encourage Your Kids to Apply Themselves

Parents often grow frustrating trying to convince their youngsters that applying themselves to chores, schoolwork, and other necessary tasks is…

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Playing Numerical Board Games Boosts Number Skills in Preschoolers

Playing a simple board game such as Chutes and Ladders can improve a preschooler

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