Backyard Safety Tips

Summer’s Coming–Stay Safe!

The backyard is somewhere where quality time with the family can be spent all year round, but accidents can take place anywhere and it is important to make sure that you have taken all possible safety precautions to make sure the backyard remains a safe area for relaxation and play.

When it comes to your lawn, you should remove tree stumps and get rid of concrete footings so as to cut down the chances of people tripping over. When cutting the lawn, debris such as rocks can turn into flying projectiles so the yard needs to be cleared. If you have children and any potentially hazardous tools or chemicals they need to be stored well out of their reach in a locked garage or shed.

Fencing is important too, serving to protect children from outside dangers and keep toddlers away from ponds, hot tubs, swimming pools or away from strangers and traffic. Fences can also help to protect your pets by keeping other animals away and making sure that they remain in their own yard.