Avoid Common Shopping Mistakes

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Even with the best of intentions about healthy food and nutrition, we can still make mistakes when we actually go out to shop. There are a number of common mistakes and misperceptions that even people who thought they were well-informed can make.

One common mistake is paying more for brown eggs rather than white in the belief that the brown eggs are better for you. The reality is there is no truth to this whatsoever. The color of the egg is irrelevant to its nutritional content or its taste. The only thing that makes a shell a certain color is the breed of the chicken.

Another mistake is purchasing low-fat peanut butter to save on fat and calories. The irony here is that the fat in peanut butter is actually good for you so there is no point in avoiding it. Low-fat peanut butter also actually has higher sugar content in order to make up for less fat, with little if any difference in calories. When buying peanut butter, choose the one with the least ingredients, preferably with nothing more than peanuts and a small amount of added salt or sugar.