10 easy ways to have fun with your child this summer!

Here are 10 delightfully easy and definitely fun ways to enjoy summer with your child!

1. A yummy treat you can try with your child is layer fresh sliced strawberries & yogurt in an ice cream cone for a delicious and healthy snack.
2. For a fun warm weather craft, cut sponges into different shapes, then dip in water to make designs on the sidewalk.
3. Let your child help you water your plants with his/her own watering can, in just the right size.
4. Bubble play is fun with a funnel by dipping large end in bubble mixture and blowing in the small end.
5. Cool off by painting with colorful ice cubes (put different colors of food coloring into ice cube tray with water, freeze after putting popsicle stick in each cube.) Voila!
6. Picnics are such fun memories-go to the library to get a book your child likes, then go to the park for a picnic & story time.
7. Look for reflections of clouds in puddles after a summer rain.
8. Make a dandelion necklace or even a crown!
9. Stay fit and healthy by being outside as often as possible playing ball, taking discovery walks around the neighborhood, and playing with the dog.
10. But most important: relax, enjoy and have fun with your child, and say I LOVE YOU!

Do you?have your own list of child friendly summer fun activity suggestions? Send ’em our way!?We always welcome your ideas!