I LOVE THIS DAYCARE! From the day I was given a tour, to filling out paperwork on up to my daughter’s first day. Ms. Shirley is hilarious yet so sweet, funny and down to earth. Ms. Debbie is so helpful and there to answer any questions or assist with any concerns. Then there is Mr. Bill who is like Papa Bear. He genuinely loves ALL the kids. My daughter’s teachers are great! They are friendly and welcoming when you enter the classroom. They give me a sense of my daughter is being well taken care of from the time I drop her off to when I pick her up. She loves it! My husband and I are so glad we chose this daycare for our daughter. The state gave you three stars but we give you 5!!!

A. Cleaves

I brought my son to Learning Tree when he was 8 weeks old. The infant room was led by Ms. Jackie, she was nurturing and caring to Adam which is exactly what I was looking for. I truly felt like it was a “home away from home” experience for my son and made me feel comfortable leaving him to go to work.

L. Blackmon

I love The Learning Tree. My step-daughter (now 4) has been going there since she was six weeks old, and when I had a daughter of my own (now 1 year) I knew exactly where I was going to send her. I loved the fact that her teachers were the same teachers that taught my step-daughter 4 years prior. It’s hard to find a daycare with a low teacher turnover, which means The Learning Tree has some that love their jobs and actually enjoy teaching. They are very flexible and keep an open line of communication. We love The Learning Tree and will continue to send our kids here!!

Angela Brown

We have had two children at Learning Tree over the last four years. Our experience and more importantly the experience of the kids has been great. I am glad to commend and recommend Learning Tree to anyone with preschoolers.

Thomas Pickering

We love The Learning Tree. I have a five year old and a two year old. They have both been at the day care since they were 6 weeks old. They have the best teachers there who have always taken great care of the children and had great communication with me. I couldn’t imagine my children going anywhere else.

Shari Parkinson

As a teacher at the Learning Tree throughout high school and college, when I had children, I knew exactly where they would attend daycare. I currently have a 5 month old and a 4 year old who have been at the Learning Tree since they were 6 weeks old. The family owned business is convenient with four locations around town and the staff are excellent. I did not realize until I became a parent how important it is to have someone love your child as much as you do when they care for them 8 hours a day. I can truly say our family has been treated like family from the staff and directors of the Learning Tree. I am super excited for my oldest to start in the pre-k room at Bartlett Ms. Elaine is a fantastic teacher with incredible teaching skills! My child is currently in the three’s class with Ms. Nansi who has been teaching for a long time. You know your children are loved when they run up each morning and give their teacher a hug. The Learning Tree has become part of our family and forever will be 🙂

Robbie and Hunter Wylie

Our experience with Learning Tree continues to be as wonderful today as it was when we first enrolled our oldest son years ago…he is now in fourth grade. Our five year old has been with Mr. Bill and his wonderful teaching team since he was an infant. We did our homework and toured/interviewed every daycare center in the area, after which there was only one choice…Learning Tree. As our youngest son approaches graduation, we know he will be just as prepared to enter Kindergarten as his big brother was; and we owe it all to the staff. Ms. Cynthia’s room is the last stop on the tour before starting school at Lakeland Elementary and she is incredible. She and the other teachers have been a true blessing to our children and family. Learning Tree Family, We thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work, The Bruce Family.

Martin & Kim Bruce

We have had our 8 year old at the Learning Tree since he was one year old. Ethan loves the daycare and we could obviously not be any happier. He even looks forward to the summer where he attends their summer camp program. The staff are fantastic! I fill like we have grown up with Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Shirley, Ms. Debbie…and we adore Mr. Bill! We just about consider them family now! Hmmmmm…..wonder if I can get Mr. Bill to teach Ethan how to drive on his 16th? On a serious note….cannot not say enough about the Learning Tree and staff!

Kimberly Thomas

I cannot say enough great things about the Learning Tree Day Care! We’ve been attending for 5 years, and our children receive the best care and education I could ask for. The staff is competent, compassionate, loving, and caring. They really teach the young children, as opposed to just “babysitting” them. Their Pre-K program got my now-2nd grader ready for school better than I could’ve even imagined. Bill and Debbie are amazing; I always feel comfortable going to them with any issues or problems I may have, and know they will take care of it to the best of their ability. LDTC is our 2nd family!!

Alexa Tutor

I don’t think there’s enough GREAT words that I can write about the Learning Tree. We had never had to use a daycare before because we had our sons in a home being cared for by a friends mom. I was so nervous about that first day dropping them off and leaving, but that day came and I had felt so comfortable that it was like leaving them with a friend’s mom all over again. My children adjusted so well because it was such a great environment for them. When my first child was ready to start kindergarten I thought it would be my motherly duty to take him to school every morning but every morning I would tear him off of me when I dropped him off at school. After a couple of days being so upset, Fran Woody asked me how it was going and she said to me “bring him here in the morning, let me take him to school for you” and so I did. And it was amazing! He loved riding the bus to the school and going with his friends. The Woody’s and all the great teachers are there for your kids. We couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to help us raise our boys. I was the one that cried when we no longer needed them because they had outgrown the daycare. My boys are now in college and out of college and their fondest memories of their childhood begin with The Learning Tree. To this day they still have friends that are so special to them thanks to The Learning Tree. It’s a great place. If you are thinking of leaving your kids in their care, you couldn’t pick a better place.

Pam Bruce

We love Learning Tree Lakeland! My son has been attending since he was four months old and is now in the four year old class. All of the staff are knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and work with parents to address each child’s specific needs. As a first time mom, I was reluctant to place my son in daycare but I did not have the option of staying at home. Mr. Bill, Ms. Debbie, and the staff made it a little easier by allowing me call as many times a day as I wanted to check on him. When my son was in the two year old class, the staff assisted with potty training and even gave me tips and pointers to try at home which were a huge help. Not only do I feel like my son is having fun and being very well taken care of, he is learning A LOT too! He loves it there and has made a ton of friends, some of which he has known since he was four months old. My second son will be starting at Learning Tree Lakeland in August and I can’t wait for him to have the same experience as my first son. Mr. Bill and Ms. Debbie are really easy to work with and easy to talk to about anything! I always feel like they are accessible and very attentive to not only the child’s needs, but the parents’ needs and concerns as well. Trust me, this is the place where you child truly grows in every aspect of childhood. Location: Lakeland

Michelle Feuerborn

We have three boys that have attended several different daycares and summer camps over the past 6 years. We can honestly say that the staff at The Learning Tree DAY CARE (LTDC) has become our extended family. We both work full time careers and have never had family nearby to help us with the children, until we found the wonderful people at LTDC. I want to give a brief testimonial about my six year old and how LTDC helped my family and helped save my son. In the summer of 2013 we decided to move our then five year old and 18 month old into a summer camp program locally where we live in Oakland and to the LTDC respectively. I was also about seven months pregnant with our third son and wanted to get a feel for the infant room as well. We were very unhappy with how our previous daycare was being operated and felt like our five year old needed to get out and expend his boundless energy during the summer before he started Kindergarten. So our adventure into summer camp began. By the end of week one in summer camp I had gotten a phone call nearly every day about my son’s erratic mood swings and uncontrollable tantrums. This had happened only a couple of times before in his structured daycare setting, but he was always able to be calmed down and put back on track without too much worry. By the end of week two I left work on more than one occasion to pick him up early from camp because he couldn’t be calmed and his “meltdowns” were escalating into throwing his shoes and spitting towards the camp workers. We made it through 4 weeks of camp before he became too much for the teenage workers to control and he was asked to leave the program. We were at our emotional breaking point. Out of genuine concern, Bill Woody (the owner and Director of LTDC Lakeland) would take time out of his day to listen to us talk about what was going on, even though our oldest son was not enrolled at LTDC at the time. Bill worked with us on the Wednesday that our son was asked not to come back to the summer camp program and immediately supported us. He gave us great advise on how to handle the transition so it wouldn’t cause anymore emotional distress or make the “meltdowns” worse. Bill even put him in with the “schoolers” in order to allow him the outdoor activities and trips similar to those from summer camp so it wouldn’t feel like we were making him go backwards into Pre-K again. We would love to say that is the end of the story and our son never had another “meltdown,” but that was not the case. What we found at LTDC were compassionate and knowledgeable resources in Bill and his staff that would help keep us sane and stable during the next few months. After several trips to doctors and batteries of testing it was determined that our son has ADHD. We knew very little about ADHD, only the stigma that it was over-diagnosed and had more to do with lack of discipline on the parents part rather than a “real disorder.” We have since become very well educated on ADHD and what it really looks like. Bill and the staff were a constant source of support and encouragement throughout the process and subsequent diagnosis. Everyone was more than accommodating to our doctors with professional and unbiased observations of my son. They always took the time to calm him down and give me an encouraging report of what happened that day. No one ever made us feel like bad parents for having an unruly child or like they couldn’t wait to tell me all the bad things that happened that day. I only say that because in our previous experiences that is exactly what happened. Our adventures continue throughout Kindergarten with the help of the solid foundation LTDC helped us build. Our youngest son is now in the infant room and our middle son is in Big 2’s. In each room I have no doubt my boys are loved and cared for like they are family. Each teacher takes time to ask about the other boys and send home their love. The environment is calm, structured, and playful all at the same time. Our two-year-old talks about his teachers and friends constantly. After several different daycare and camp experiences in every age group from Infant to Schoolers we can honestly say that The Learning Tree is home. Much Love, The Barrett Family Location: Lakeland

Crystal Barrett